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Entrepreneurs currently in operation should realize the importance of contacts with a local community. They should consider in their actions the needs of people other than those from the closest surroundings of the company. Following these rules, 2SLogistics supports and encourages employees to volunteering actions.


Noble Consignment (www.szlachetnapaczka.pl)

All the 2S Logistics employees responded to an appeal by the Stowarzyszenie Wiosna [“Spring” Association] concerning the yearly national action Szlachetna Paczka [Noble Consignment], taking active part in the collection of food, cleaning products, clothes and toys for the poorest families from our community.


In 2009 we received a letter from parents who asked for help for their 20-month old son, Mateuszek, suffering from cerebral palsy. The 2S Logistics team took a joint decision about help. Since then a part of the team gives a 1% fee to the rehabilitation of the diseased Mateuszek.


Help to Children from LORO (www.loro.pl)

In response to a request by RADOŚĆ DZIECIOM Fundation [JOY TO CHILDREN] we financially supported  the Lubuski Ośrodek Rehabilitacyjno-Ortopedyczny im. Lecha Wierusza [Lubuskie Province Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Center named after Lech Wierusz] in Świebodzin. We co-financed the purchase of blankets, linen, and towels intended for children staying in the children’s ward.


Pomoc Dzieciom z LORO



Vacation for children from the poorest families
The Company’s Board decided upon providing financial assistance for the organization of summer vacation for children and young people from the poorest families. For this aim the Caritas Świebodzin received means that helped arranging holidays for a group of 14 children.


Environmental protection
Pro-ecological actions are an important element of social responsibility in everyday work at 2S Logistics. For this reason, we limited the use of paper introducing e-invoices in 2009.
In order to strengthen pro-ecological conscience, we have been implemented ISO 14000 Integrated Quality Management System. 

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